About us

It is our conviction that to produce the best results, people should take a pleasure in their work which is born of a sense of purpose. For this reason we publish only books whose high quality we can vouch for, books which are bound to give pleasure to their readers. If we cannot relate directly to a particular book it will find no place in our catalogue, irrespective of its “market potential”.

This resolution forms the basis of our editorial policy. This is focused on areas, which we feel close to: the literature of personal growth, enterpreneurship, healthy lifestyle and productivity (we have ever more tasks to perform and challenges to face – from our own experience we know that handbooks for the development of personal skills can help anyone with an interest in them).

Jan Melvil Publishing, s.r.o., was founded in 2007 in Brno (Czech Republic/EU), and this is where the most of its editors and founders are based (in fact, we work with remote team members accross the world). So far it has published more than one hundred books. It cooperates with leading publishing houses abroad, such as Penguin Random House, Virgin Books, Crown or directly with authors.

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